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To do everything it takes a tree

In Trentino a pact was born to rebuild the forests. Trentino Tree Agreement, the platform set up following the Vaia storm of 29 October 2018. The aim is to raise public awareness on environmental issues and the aim is to enhance the important wooded and natural heritage of our region which covers 63 % of the territory.

On the night of 29 October 2018, the Vaia storm, characterized by an exceptional wind force and alluvial rains, hit the forests of Trentino causing about 4 million cubic meters of trees crashed to the ground. Damaged forests represent just over 2% of the entire provincial forest heritage. Nonetheless, Vaia has left a great injury for economic losses, for the repercussions on the safety of the territory and on the phytosanitary state of the forests, as well as for the intrinsic value of the forest as an integral part of the landscape, history and identity of the Trentino people.
The Trentino people are a people of workers, in fact since the day after the tragic event, the institutions as well as the private ones, have put themselves to work to restore the areas involved and to heal this painful wound, in support of this enormous commitment was born then Trentino Tree Agreement. This beautiful green project, proposed by the Autonomous Province of Trento and developed by Trentino Marketing, also includes a fundraiser for the restoration of some forests affected by the crashes of Vaia.

Woods are an integral part of your experience in Trentino and that's why we wanted to introduce you to this important project. If you also want to contribute, make a donation, with only € 10 you can say that you have donated a tree to the forests devastated by the Vaia storm, the same forests among which you went for mushrooms, those forests that gave you refreshment during the hot summer days and those trees where you leaned to take a nap after a family picnic.

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