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Alpine Pranayama

Alpine Pranayama in Val di Pejo

Salus per spiritum

At the Chalet Alpenrose in Val di Sole, the technique for conscious breathing is the result of a thorough study by Stefanie and Martina. What first proved to be a simple curiosity for the matter later became a real passion and a lifestyle. It is by consciously breathing that the women of the Dossi family intend to teach the practice of what they call Alpine Pranayama: breathing in motion is the one that gives the most vitality, where letting go is good, the one that makes you happy.

♥ Breathing is much more than taking a breath of oxygen

♥ Breathing is our main source of energy

♥ Breathing makes you wake up and happy

♥ Breathing well makes you sleep better

♥ Breathing is life

  • Sleep well in larch and pine wood rooms - even at night, breathing well is essential and here we offer you to do it with the authentic scent of mountain wood

  • A breakfast that awakens the senses - 7 delicious, vital and organic menus to start your day

  • Monday - salus per spiritum: first approach to the technique of Alpine Pranayama with Stefanie in the unspoiled nature of the Stelvio National Park

  • Tuesday: excursion with Martina in the secular larch forest - on this occasion it will be possible to deepen the technique of conscious breathing, also perceiving all the benefits of the forest as aromatherapy

  • Wednesday: Dinner on the farm where breathing makes you happy! The Dossi family invites their guests to a convivial dinner on Wednesday evening at the family farm. Martina, will accompany guests to Maso Dossi through the larch and fir forest that runs alongside the alpine stream

  • 1x natural larch pine cones scrub per couple: we provide you with everything you need to carry out a scrub independently in the comfort of your room. Our larch pinecones scrub has a heady scent, even in this case breathing is a pleasure for the body, mind and soul

  • Thursday: complete yogic breathing with Stefanie and meditation with alpine essential oils along the banks of the Noce River

Covid19: the commitment of the Dossi family for over 20 years, to guarantee you a safe stay in Val di Pejo

ALPENROSE ROOM | 4 night | 380,- € per person | Sunday to Thursday

extra tourist tax € 1.50 per day per person

Alpenrose holiday offers

Make every day of your holiday in Trentino South Tyrolw unique and unforgettable.Choose the best offer in Val di Sole for your holiday full of emotions.

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